Why use GMS Advisory Services?

  • Together, our diverse team has over 50 years of experience in underground coal and Management Consulting.
  • We bring lessons learned from across all of our customer sites in both NSW and QLD, to offer you best practice Diesel Exhaust Emission Management solutions and advisory services.
  • We bring a collaborative culture and are committed to working with you and your people to better understand your business, which allows us to identify opportunities to improve business processes and identify areas where you can reduce or mitigate your risk.

Diesel Exhaust Emission Management Documentation

  • Our Advisory team has capability across project management, business analysis, data analytics, risk management and experience in developing technology and innovation strategies to reduce Diesel Exhaust Emissions.
  • We can conduct reviews and develop recommendations and action plans to improve your Diesel Exhaust Emission Management capability.
  • We can develop overarching Diesel Exhaust Emission Management Plans and Strategies.
  • We can develop or update all documentation that supports the delivery and realisation of your Diesel Exhaust Emission Management objectives, i.e. ventilation plan, training packages, personal health and monitoring plans, diesel tag board systems, maintenance practices & strategies, etc.

Field Trials & SWP’s

  • We will work with you to develop and execute field trial plans for our products, this includes comparison testing where applicable.
  • We will write up the results of these tests in a format that can be delivered the the appropriate stakeholders or decisions makers.
  • We will work with you to develop Standard Working Procedures and Guidelines for our products, making them specific to your individual site requirements and needs.
  • We will develop and implement the appropriate training packages and assessments for the effective use of our products.
  • We can work with your people to develop any other Diesel Exhaust Emission Management working procedures or training packages that you require.

DPM Audit or TAP Preparation

  • Identification and collation of information: We will work with you to identify and collate all relevant documentation to prepare for your Diesel Exhaust Emission Management TAP’s or Audits. We will develop documentation with you as and where required.
  • Development of material for day 1: We will help you be as prepared as you can be by developing a presentation to be delivered on day 1.
  • Identification and preparedness of your people: We will identify the relevant content owners and help prepare these people by asking them questions that are relevant to their position and cover topics that are likely to be addressed in your Audit or TAP.