Why use GMS scrubber additive and cleaner?

  • Global Mining Supplies has been at the forefront of innovative and sustainable technology developments to keep underground coal miners safe from the harmful effects of Diesel Exhaust Emissions for years.
  • We have conducted extensive market research to understand the best available Diesel Exhaust Emission Management Solutions and this includes the right scrubber additive and cleaner combination for your diesel fleet.
"With years of experience in underground coal mining, we have identified products that are efficient, safe, certified and together, they reduce overall Diesel Exhaust Emissions and limit diesel maintenance for machines fitted with a wet exhaust scrubber system"

Scrubber Cleaner Additive

  • Our scrubber / make-up tank conditioner additive has been successfully trialled and tested in both QLD and NSW underground coal mines for a number of years.
  • This product is applied directly into the make-up tank of an exhaust wet scrubber system, using a dosing pump and it is used on an ongoing basis during machine operation.
  • The conditioner removes the carbon build up and oily residues present from diesel exhaust gases and it conglomerates diesel particulate matter, making it easier for a diesel particulate exhaust filter to capture it.
  • Our scrubber additive reduces the build up of carbon in the make-up tank, carry over pipe and scrubber tanks, allowing for a reduction in weekly and monthly maintenance.
  • Global Mining Supplies scrubber / make-up tank additive comes in either a 1000L pod or 5L bottles.

Do not hesitate to contact Global Mining Supplies for an MSDS on this product.


Scrubber Cleaner

  • Global Mining Supplies scrubber cleaner is a low foaming agent which is poured directly into a wet exhaust scrubber tank via a 1L bottle and run for 15 minutes on the surface during a weekly or monthly service.

  • The product is proven to remove most of the carbon build up from loader and man transporter wet scrubber tanks, which has proven to reduces the need for unnecessary weekly and monthly maintenance of the scrubber tank, i.e. removing the scrubber tank face plate to pressure clean out the carbon on a weekly/monthly service.

  • Global Mining Supplies scrubber cleaner can be ordered in 1L bottles.

Do not hesitate to contact Global Mining Supplies for an MSDS on this product.