Global Mining Supplies Pty Ltd Long Life Health, Safety and Quality Compliance On Demand

Our History

Global Mining Supplies is a progressive Australian owned and operated company that has extensive experience in both open cut and underground coal mining operations. The team at GMS have been supplying quality products and services into Queensland’s Bowen Basin coal fields for over twenty years. GMS is constantly expanding its range of products and services to suit our client's needs.

Our Core Business

One of the most effective ways to reduce the impact of exhaust emissions on underground coal mine workers, particularly Diesel Particulate Matter, is to fit diesel powered machines with disposal exhaust filters. At GMS, we specialize in the provision of proven and effective Diesel Particulate and Exhaust Management Solutions, particularly high temperature, long life Diesel Particulate Filters suitable for underground diesel machinery.

Our filters can be used on all Sandvik machines, JugA0, Coal Trams Loaders, PJB's, Driftrunners, Man Transporters, Graders, FBL Loaders and Shearer Transporters.

Although diesel particulate filters do not require QLD Mines Department specific registration, our filters have undergone the most comprehensive and independent tests and assessments to ensure their effectiveness, efficiency, long life and safety for use in the underground coal mining environment. These tests have been done through the appropriate testing authorities, including NSW TestSafe, Monash University and the US Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA).

In addition, we have a registration of plant design (Diesel Engine System – Alteration) with the NSW Mines Department, in accordance with Part 5.3 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 and clause 177(1) of the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014. This allows for the use of Global Mining Supplies diesel particulate exhaust filter elements as an alternative for use in the appopriate diesel engine systems within NSW.

Diesel Particulate Filter
Diesel Particulate Filter

Our Operating Principles

  • Mission

    We are committed to protecting people, improving productivity and helping you prepare your mine for tomorrow.

  • Health & Safety

    We are committed to keeping underground workers safe from the health and safety hazards caused by diesel particulate exposure.

  • Long Life

    We are committed to providing the highest quality and longest in service operational life diesel particulate filter in the market.

  • Compliant

    We are committed to providing you with independent laboratory and in-service tested products that comply with state and federal legislation and regulations.

  • On Demand

    We are committed to working to provide the products you need when you need them, with the most economical cost per operating hour DPM filter available.